Reference material collection

At the moment I am overworking my slides. The second thing is to create a reference material collection with species I could detect for the region around the Alps in Tyrol and South-Tyrol. After I have finished this work I will start to describe the new species in my material and do some drawings on the Triphleba material I have borrowed from the museum in Cambridge.

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New species from South-Tyrol

I am happy to say that there are 4 Megaselia species new for science!! Dr. Disney checked them and he agrees that they are new. The type habitat is the "Schlern-Gebiet" near Bozen in South-Tyrol.

I will try to describe them as soon as possible.

The collecting in this habitat was started in Mai 2006 and will be continued until end of 2008. The project "Habitat Schlern" is funded by the "Natural Museum Bozen".

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